Key Rewards

MoonBay Keys allow you to open the Rewards Chest

MoonBay Keys allow you to open the Rewards Chest, which grants you with one of many NFT collections we offer in our ecosystem including BBChickens, Bayliens, MoonMasters, as well as other $FTM Collections like Acidcats from Teensonacid and Norberts from Mocket. Rewards can also come in the form of a random amount of $BAY Tokens.

It takes 3 MoonBay Keys to open a Rewards Chest and a history of previous community Chest Openings can be found at the bottom of the Key Rewards Page on MoonBay.

Keys can only be minted from the Key claim page with unstaked MoonMaster NFTs. Each wallet containing a MoonMaster can try their chance at claiming a Key once per day at a rate of 5-20% chance based on time of year. Once a MoonMaster is used for claiming it cannot be used again from a seperate wallet and must wait til the next 24 hour period begins to try again.

You can also purchase listed Keys in the MoonBay shop from the community, listed in $BAY.

A new Themed Key is available to claim each month, usually based on the season, making each variation a limited edition NFT. Here are some examples:

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