Introduction To MoonBay

Where it started..

$BAY Token, a cornerstone of the TSD x Moonmasters ecosystem, promises to revitalize the DeFi and Art spaces. Serving as a multi-functional currency, it will fuel various activities such as live auctions, marketplace transactions, and events within the Moon Bay platform. What sets the $BAY Token apart is its substantial support from one of the most active communities on the Fantom Network. Over the past year and beyond, weve meticulously forged connections, enabling $BAY to bridge the gap between Art and DeFi effortlessly. In light of the recent slowdown in the NFT market, we believe that $BAY Token emerges as a beacon of innovation, pointing the way towards a fresh and viable path. It presents an unprecedented opportunity for artists, projects, and individuals to infuse a DeFi component into their work, thus stimulating additional revenue streams and utility for their creations. This promising prospect addresses the revenue shortage observed in various sectors of the digital space, marking the $BAY Token as a potential game-changer for creative endeavors and investment opportunities alike.

Website : The MoonBay brings functionality and utility through features such as NFT Marketplace, Auctions, NFT Staking, Key Rewards System, as well as the home for our the info you need to get started with $BAY in DeFi opportunities.

TrippySteve's Dao is an Umbrella Organization that Web3 Investors, Artists, and Developers can utilize to build or improve upon their project, skills, or own social environment. 'TSD' was founded by TrippySteve, a crypto investor and Nft collector. 'TSD' is governed by the Moon Master DAO cards. This group has made many important relationships throughout the Fantom Network space and is always looking to grow.

Under 'TSD' there have been many projects that have been incubated. Some include BBChickens, a defi backed Nft project started by Dao Member Coktok, as well as collab Nft collections with well known Fantom Artists Botboy and CactussArt.

Moon Masters NFT gives you access to the 'TSD' Discord, where many events are held such as the 'TSD Auctions', Art Streams, Giveaway Game Nights, Moon Master Battles, as well as info channels on dozens of crypto and Nft projects.

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