Liquidity Pool

BAY Token Liquidity


Our initial BAY LP pool will be on Equalizer Exchange

Liquidity Pool

WFTM/BAY - Equalizer

Starting Liquidity: TSD Treasury purchased BAY Tokens paired with WFTM in WFTM/BAY LPs

Other Liquidity:

EQUAL/BAY - Equalizer

WFTM/BAY - Velocimeter


oBAY is an oToken utilized on the Velocimeter Protocol. They are an option to buy BAY tokens at discount with multiple options to choose from.

You can option to lock oBAY into wftm/bay lp tokens with set discounts based on duration or option to buy BAY tokens at a 25% discount through the options page. You can also zap oBAY straight into FTM with minor slippage.


Scheduled Buybacks of BAY and Locks of EQUAL/FVM using Treasury Funds and Rewards


APR will be based on how much veNFT voting power used towards WFTM/BAY each Epoch. 'TSD' and BAY Treasuries are currently acquiring EQUAL and FVM through yield farming.


Bribes will be added to WFTM/BAY pool to incentivize voting on WFTM/BAY, increasing its APR.


With locked EQUAL or FVM, you can acquire Voting Power through veEQUAL or veFVM Nft. When Voting on a pool with Bribes, you can earn Bribes/fees weekly, shared proportionally to all votes placed on that pool. TSDao and $BAY Treasuries have been accumulating EQUAL and can see us as a top holder here on Equalizer Wars.

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