Bay Tokenomics

$BAY Token supply will be determined by the MoonMaster NFT staking emissions plus Presale amount sold/Bribe Fund/LBP. Emissions will start at 1 $BAY per NFT/DAY and follow a curve down to 0.1 $BAY per NFT/DAY over 6 year period.

Presale Supply- 2697361.72 $BAY Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool - 809208.52 $BAY Bribe Supply - 539472.34 $BAY Claim Supply - 6 years base emission Circulating Supply - 4,393,574.58 $BAY + Staking Supply(Over 6 years) Total Supply - 5,000,000 $BAY (Will never be more than this)

NFT Staking

$BAY Tokens can be earned at a rate of 1 $BAY per NFT/DAY

The amount of $BAY earned is based on the Base Emissions times MoonMaster NFTs Staked. (Example. Base Emissions 5 x1 (Holding 5 Moon Masters)= 5 $BAY earned per Day)

Moon MastersStaking Returns in $BAY(per Day)




Base Emissions will be 1 to begin Epoch 1 Emissions will end after 24 Epochs

Epoch: 3 month

Total Emissions could range from 0 to 418,500 over 6 years, depending on amount of MoonMaster NFTs Staked.

Epoch 1 Start Date: May 22, 2023 12AM UTC

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