BAY Token Treasury

BAY Token Treasury Info


Multisig Wallet will be in place for the BAY Token Treasury

Multisig Signers: TrippySteve - Founder of TSD and Moon Masters Nfts Coktok - Founder of BBChickens and Bayliens DearJohna - TSD/MM Member and VP of Development Zethes - TSD/MM Member and Project Artist/Creator of Outsider NFT Archangel - TSD/MM Member and Creator of Moon Master Battles

Multisig Treasury : 0x6c33125eA9e5C54a903326abd521315ff7Ff5D7A

$BAY Pre-Sale Airdrop Distribution Wallet : 0x548dcfa7f04cf50c4cf9df9e4df498b771f1e21d

Yield Strategy

FTM from Pre-sale will be used in yield strategies to grow the BAY Token Treasury.

BAY Token Governance will be used to determine what strategies are utilized.

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